Athlete and School Eligibility

In order for an applicant to be eligible for Ambassadorship, the applicant and their home school must meet the following eligibility requirements.

Athlete Requirements

  • (Adults) Athlete MUST maintain 80% attendance or higher of the competition classes cycled throughout GB Phoenix, GB Ahwatukee, GB Chandler, & GB Scottsdale.

  • (Kids & Juveniles) Athlete must train at least 4 times per week in their home school. 

  • Athlete must submit podium pictures along with results in order for ranking points to be added. 

  • Athlete must have competed only under Gracie Barra for the previous season. 

  • Athlete MUST compete in the official GB Uniform.

School Requirements

  • All instructors at applicant's home school must have completed the ICP6 revisited course and be certified.

  • Athlete's home school must host at least one (1) training day OR fundraising event per season to raise funding for the GBAZ Ambassadors Program. 

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